Dhr. Markos Mylonakis

We can highly recommend Q-Bus Makelaars for expatriates living in the Netherlands. When we had to sell our house, we were really lucky that we had Q-Bus with us. Everybody speaks perfect English and you deal with really experienced agents that personally take care of every little detail. The real-estate agents are also the owners of their business, which makes a huge difference. The communication throughout the process was excellent and the Q-Bus people would always offer their honest expert opinion about how to get a good result from the sale, and not just what we wanted to hear. We really appreciated that. They took time to design a custom selling strategy based on our personal circumstances. They were always available for questions and were there for us all the way to the notary. If you are thinking of buying or selling a house in their area, I would definitely recommend them as your trusted partner towards a successful real estate transaction.

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